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Rosemary Owen

Rosemary Owen

Art Teacher  – Room 204



Favorite Authors:

C.S. Lewis


Favorite Movies:

I enjoy movies about zombies, vampire movies and anything about outer space and aliens.


Destination I would like to visit:



Favorite place I have already visited

France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Bahamas


Favorite quote:

“It’s never too late to be the person you might have been”.


My favorite teacher:

Mr. Denton. Mr. Denton was my shop teacher. He was an old school gentleman, super smart and funny. He made his students feel confident and excited about wood working.


If I had $10,000 and one hour to spend it what would I do?

I would take my sister on an overseas trip to Japan, New Zealand, Germany and Australia.