Johnson Elementary

1850 S Irving St, Denver, CO 80219 | 720-424-6290

Megan West

Megan West

Intervention and Extension Coordinator – 111

Phone: 720-424-6336


 Favorite Authors:

J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood, Audre Lorde

Favorite Movies:

Jurassic Park, Moonlight, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Destination I would like to visit:

Mexico City

 Favorite place I have already visited


Favorite quote:

“We have to create. It is the only thing louder than destruction.” – Andrea Gibson

My favorite teacher:

Mrs. McCoy- She introduced me to new genres of literature and instilled in me a life long love of young adult literature with angsty teenagers as lead characters.

If I had $10,000 and one hour to spend it what would I do?

Put it in my savings account!