Field Day 2017 May 22nd

Posted 05/18/2017

Johnson Elementary Field Day 2017


Field Day Teams:

Volunteers:  Students will be divided into neighborhood color groups like they have been in class the whole year.  The four colors are blue, green, red, and purple.  After they compete in their first race or activity, then you may divide them up into any group that they would like to be in.  Kindergarten you will divide them up in your own groups.  The first race of all events is when students can win “Golden Shoes” if you run the same race again with the class it will only be for fun not for “Golden Shoes”.


  1. 50-Foot Dash Students at first must run in their neighborhood color lane, after that may run against anyone they would like in their class. There will be four lanes in each heat, if students want to race their friends they need to make sure that they are in different lines, but the same heat. The top finisher will receive a “Golden Shoe” in their first race.  After all students have raced for “Golden Shoes” once, please do not give more out for races won, but you may give them one if  you see good sportsmanship.


  1. Parachuting Station– In this event, students may do several different things using the parachute. One thing they can do is, to see how high they can get the balls up in the air. Please stress to them the importance of working together.   Please give students cues on how they can communicate with each other. They can use cues such as “1, 2, 3 up” and “1, 2, 3 down.  Students can also try and knock the balls off the parachute, this activity is called “Popcorn”.  Another parachute activity is called “Dome”.  They will use a big wave to make the dome, when they bring the parachute to the floor, they will kneel on the end of the parachute.  Ask them how they make the dome bigger?  Or how they can they make it smaller? ( Hint: Closer in they get, the larger the dome).  There is also an activity called “Club House”, in this activity they lift the parachute up and under and sit inside.  While they are in the parachute, you can tell a scary story to them and then scare them at the end, they love this.  One more idea you can use is to have students demonstrate different levels and tempo of waves.  Another  idea is to have students make a flying saucer.   The way students do this is first they make dome, second they kneel on the edge, third they count to three, and finally they raise their hands and back away.  Lastly, I have a game called “Color Exchange”.  Call out a color on the parachute and that color will exchange with the students across from them, with the same color.  Pick an animal movement or a locomotor skill (ex. Walk, skip, gallop, hop).  If the students remember any other games I did not mention, they may play it.  All participates will receive a “Golden Shoe”.


  1. Lacrosse Skill Relay– In this event, students will get a lacrosse stick and a ball. There will be the beginning cones to start the race, the next two rows of cones students must circle around them and the last row they will jump two times in place. They will then run back to their lines and crisscross applesauce at the end of their line.  The winning team is the first team to finish with all students sitting crisscross on the ground.  Once all teams have finished, mix-up the teams and have the kids race again.  Please handout “Golden Shoes” to the winning team.  You may have multiple races during their time at this station, but remember it will not be for “Golden Shoes”.


  1. Tug-O-War– There will be a red tape at the center of the long rope. The first team to get their piece of red tape over to their cones wins. Cones will be five by five foot square.  If the red tape passes the team’s cone, they win that round. The winning team will receive  “Golden Shoes” at this event.


  1. Crossing The Johnson River– Each class will be split into two teams. Each team will work together to get across the field by staying on the provided materials. If a team member touches the ground in anyway, they will have a five second penalty. During the penalty, teams must remain frozen (no moving materials or people).  Another penalty is by taking a piece of equipment away, when they toss it to far away from their group. (more for the older students).  The materials include: plywood, car tires (Only for 3rd-5th), and polly spots.  To successfully complete this challenge, teams must get all people and materials across the white chalk line. The winning team will receive “Golden Shoes”.


  1. Relaxation Station– This station is the rest and relaxation station. There will be water and other edible items for students to enjoy. Please remind students to put their trash in the trashcans.


  1. Target Practice- (All Grades) The objective of this game is to try to throw a bean bag overhand or underhand into the hoola hoop. Each student will have three tries. If they make it into the first row of their colored hoola hoop they will get one golden shoe, the second row, two golden shoes, and for the third row, three golden shoes.   A student can win up to 9 golden shoes.  After their first three tosses, they can no longer win golden shoes.


  1. Save the Water Race– There will be four lines with a large bucket of water for each line, a small empty bucket and a sponge. Students will line-up behind the start line with buckets of water about ten yards away from the smaller buckets. The race will start when an adult says “ready, set, go”.  The first person in each line will dip their sponge into a bucket of water and then race over to the empty buckets with the wet sponge over his or her head or they may hold it in front of them.  When runners reach the empty buckets they will squeeze the sponge over the bucket and race back to their line and high-five the next person in line.  Then the process will be repeated.  The winning team is the team that fills the bucket to the red line first.  The winning team will all receive a “Golden Shoe”. Please remind students to be safe and not to go full speed because the concrete will be wet and slippery.


  1. Ga Ga Ga – (For 3rd -5th Only) is a game played with two beach balls. The objective is to get eliminate other people, by hitting the ball at them. To start the game you throw one beach ball in the air while the other is on the ground.  The students are around the four walls, with one hand or foot on the wall.  When the ball hits the ground three times, they will say GA for each bounce.  Students are allowed 5 taps of the ball only.  Any part of the body that they are hit by the ball, except the hands, they are out.  They will got to the North end of the wall and do any exercise they may like to do.  If you call half court the students that are out line up on the midline of the court and act as a fence, meaning if the ball comes towards them they do not kick or hit it back.  Since this is an elimination game, I do not want the students to just stand still.  I usually tell them to exercise while watching or cheer their other classmates on.


  1. Pin Blaster- (For Kinder-2nd Only) The objective of the game is to knock the pins down by rolling the ball. There will be five pins set up on the West and East side of the black lines. There will be two teams that you can split up by neighborhoods or however it seems fair.  One team is on the Westside of the gym and the other is on the Eastside of the gym.  No player may cross the midline of the court, if so give them a warning, the next time they will get a minute penalty.  There can only be one protector for each pin and they must be in front of the pin with legs straddled out.  The winning team is the team that can knock down the opposing teams pins.


  1. Navy (All Grades)-This game is a listening game that the students have grown to love. There are several commands for the students to follow.  If students talk, they are the last one to do the command, do the incorrect command, or move on freeze, they go off to the south side of the gym and row the “Slow Boat to China” (Crisscross, Pretending to row a boat).  I will provide a list of the commands and actions, students have already learned this game throughout the year and will know what to do.


  1. The Blind-Folded Spray- This event will be held in a four-square court. Around the court there will be four cones, students will line-up behind the cones. During each game, four students will be blindfolded and given a spray bottle set on mist.  The person in line directly behind the blindfolded participant will use his or her voice to direct the blindfolded player.  The objective of the game is for students to mist other blindfolded students using only the voice of their teammate as a guide.  Each player will have one to one and half minutes to use the spray bottle.  Please make sure that students stay within the four-square area. Participate that show great collaboration during this game will receive a “Golden Shoe”.



Extra Info:

Any student showing great Sportsmanship will receive a “Golden Shoe”. Please only give “Golden Shoes” in the first events and not every single race or relay.  The top student from each class that has the most “Golden Shoes” will receive a prize from my prize box.  Please tell them to hold on to these “Golden Shoes” in their pockets or somewhere safe.


This field day is dedicated to the students, teachers, and staff that continue to show the Five Values every day.


Very Respectfully,

Mr. Bruen