Johnson Elementary

1850 S Irving St, Denver, CO 80219 | 720-424-6290

Family Night – Information for Immigrants Wednesday 22nd 5:15PM – 7:30PM Dinner starts at 5:15

Posted 03/20/2017


Information for Immigrants


in Denver County, Colorado at Johnson Elementary




We cannot know what the future will bring, but you can find out about your rights as an immigrant and take steps now to be ready in case something bad happens. Knowing your options and having a plan will reduce some of the stress. This packet contains practical information for immigrants, whether documented or not, about how to help protect yourself and your family.


Inside you will find the following information:


  • Denver County resources from the District Attorney’s Office


  • Know Your Rights


  • Making a Family Preparedness Plan


  • Getting help from a lawyer





Prepared for the “Information for Immigrants” project in Boulder County:, based on documents

prepared by national immigrant and legal rights organizations.

Compiled by Marjorie McIntosh, February, 2017