Mission and Vision

Student Performance

All students will exceed standards, be engaged in their learning and take an active role in their education.  Students will develop essential academic language and communication skills that respect and extend their native language abilities.

Equity and Access

As a collaborative community, we hold ourselves accountable to each and every child’s success; present and future.  The diverse talents of staff and students will be appreciated and developed in an environment that celebrates critical thinking and problem solving.

Student, Family and Community Partnerships

We honor student, family and community partnerships: nurturing the relationships to accelerate success in an environment of safety, care and joy.  Our growth will positively impact the broader community through intentional development of the whole child.

Effective Teaching and Learning

We teach effectively and passionately.  We meaningfully interact with the content to better understand our world.  We will analyze and reflect on our learning to better understand ourselves.  We celebrate success and learn from challenge.